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Create a room you want to live in! My Little Opulence has been creating and selling cushions online for over three years. Thank you for visiting MLO, we are excited to be helping you make your home beautiful and interesting.

Styling your Interior with MLO Cushions Brisbane

Every living space needs a splash of colour and you will achieve that easily with our stunning collection of decorative cushions and throws. Whether you are adding a layer to your existing home decor or completely re-styling your living area, MLO’s library of statement cushions and luxurious throws could be exactly what you are looking for. Add spice and variety to your interior with a scattering of statement cushions. Here you will find a depth and variety of style and colour with which to express yourself. They are the best cushions near me by far.

Experience Luxury and Inspiration for Home Decor

Instant drama can be achieved in your living space when you add a number of our designer cushions to your sitting rooms. Remember, lounging is a luxury, dress it for the occasion. 

How to decorate your lounge room with cushions

  1. Identify your colour palette
  2. Let the style of the room dictate the number of cushions you add
  3. Mix up the size and shape of your cushions
  4. Experiment with different textures
  5. Use cushion styling to set the tone of your room
  6. Change cushions with the seasons
  7. Have fun with it!

The sofa is one of the easiest pieces of furniture in your house to decorate - all you need is some cushions. My Little Opulence’s premium range of feather cushions come in four shapes and can be used as a headrest, bum rest, lumbar support or simply as decoration for your sofa.We have a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from. These can be just the accent pieces you need to make your sofa stand out and look comfortable. Larger cushions work well together while collections of small scatter cushions create a busier look. Cushions help you create a cohesive look and define your home decor palette. When choosing your living room cushions select fabrics that compliment the hues of your larger pieces of furniture for the best, most satisfying effect. This will draw your room together. You can then have some fun and add an accent fabric and colour that will contrast the palette of your furniture for a touch of drama. And trust me, we love the drama, just explore our Actress collection!! Create a layered look with an interesting fusion of textures. My Little Opulence collections combine many velvets and exotic patterns with opulent trims and fringes. These diverse shapes and textures give a plush feel and add visual interest to your interior decor.

Whatever your preference for soft furnishings, there are a number of stylish ways you can arrange your luxe cushions to create your signature style. We encourage you to experiment with how you group the cushions, and how you mix patterns and colours, velvets and linens, to create the best room in your home. Let it be a trip for your imagination. 

We have some tips on how to decorate your sofa with the MLO collection - whether you want traditional or a more maximalist style

Traditional or Maximalist?

Traditional or Maximalist

Traditional styling works best if you are wanting to achieve a classic look. This can be on an older style sofa or a modern one. It employs basic colour, a scene of order and balance and a subtle hint of class. This emphasizes order and predictable patterns. As such, you would aim to have an even number of cushions on the couch. Try 2 or 4 but no more because it will look cluttered. The cushions should be placed equidistant from one another. Alternatively you can have two cushions at either end of the sofa. If you are using different sizes, have the 2 sides mirror one another, for example, larger on the outside and smaller inside.

Maximalist Styling with Cushions

Maximalism is all about comfort. Be generous with colour, be painterly and create a room of art, decorating with what you love. Some of our vintage look fabrics are a must. Bold colours and patterns are essential ingredients - more is more. The real key to maximalist decor is pattern play. Mix up some patterns, play with scale and colour and cultures. Is pink your favourite colour? Choose a range of cushions in the pink family and add layers with rugs and paintings.And yes, animal print is a neutral, and animals as well. Bring the jungle inside! A riot of colour, pattern, art and textures - that’s exactly what a boho-luxe interior is made of. Don’t hold back. Using MLO’s unique and opulent cushions you can master the more is more look easily.

Three things to pay attention to when combining cushions. Scale. The size of the pattern. Colours - similar hues in equal intensity. Offset the two above by a piece of furniture (couch) in a solid colour. The backs of the cushions are mostly a solid colour also. This can easily be played with and different looks can be achieved depending on your mood by turning the cushions around. 

Mix and Match Cushion Shapes

Squares, oblongs and circles make up the range of cushions available at My Little Opulence. To avoid things looking too samey don’t use cushions of the same shape and size. You can create a symmetrical look without having to create a mirror image at either end of a sofa. Create the illusion of balance. It’s ok to have a square cushion opposite a round one. Oblong shapes can work well in this mix also. 

What is the best cushion insert?


My Little Opulence can’t get past the feather/down insert. Feathers are best at following the form of the cushion shape, and provide the most soft and comfortable cushion. We have sourced the best down and have had the cushions inserts custom made to fit our shapes.

What is the best fabric for cushions?

Designer home decor is easily achieved using MLO’s luxury cushions made with fashionable velvets and linens, curated globally, edited and handmade in Brisbane Queensland. Softer fabric is best for cushions, like velvet and linen, and they spell luxury and comfort. All cushion covers are meticulously sized to fit smugly on the custom inserts for comfort whilst lounging and relaxing. Make an opulent statement in your interior decor with fabrics that are unique and exclusive as they are made in very small batches so they are an investment. Why not start a collection? This range of opulence is only available online and in Brisbane at Chasing Chairs, a part of Empire Revival in Paddington. 

Explore the collections

You will love the collections of cushions, inspired by Actresses, Animals and sheer Luxury. With colours and patterns from a range of various cultures, these cushions are the best way to add some flair, style and drama to your lounge or bedroom. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a cushion store near me?

Yes we have a space in Paddington in Empire Revival, 167 Latrobe Terrace. Store hours are : Monday - 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm. We are located just up the little stairs behind the main counter.

How do I care for my cushion?

All of MLO’s cushions are fitted with an invisible zipper. Just be careful not to catch the fringing when unzipping and zipping. As the cushions are made from different fabrics and trims it is recommended that the covers are dry cleaned only.