Maximalist Home Decor and My Little Opulence Brisbane

Maximalism means more of everything. That means more of your favourite colours, patterns, fabrics and accessories. Decorating trends have kept our living spaces lean and minimal for the last decade, until the idea of a more comfortable lived in space has revived in popularity. This means filling our homes with more things we love. This style does not mean your home decor is random or messy, you can’t achieve this look by simply filling your space with stuff. Maximalism, similar to eclecticism which is a blending of different design styles and periods, is about how you mix the decor. It is about using colours and patterns and textures to create an eccentric, over the top, even whimsical interior.

This spells freedom from the standard guidelines and rules. Furniture from say three different time periods can be combined to create the quirky and interesting. Layering is key in maximalist design and it is about embracing what is unique about you, an expression of your personality. By abandoning bland perfectionism you can combine many elements in a meaningful and organised way, not chaotically. Passion is the key ingredient to pulling off this home decor style. 

There are some basic concepts to adhere to.

  1. Utilise lots of colour
  2. You can’t have too much artwork
  3. Aim for comfort and only add decor that you love
  4. Maximalism is a book lovers dream, you can’t have too many books either!
  5. This is not about perfection, it is about personalisation

There is no wrong or right way to do this as it is about adding things you love to your home, you just need the desire to create a space that is truly unique to you. Here are some tips to gain some inspiration from.

Use a lot of colour

If you are looking through some interior design magazines to gather some ideas you will notice that maximalist interiors have a foundation of colour. Dark colours like black and navy are often used on walls, and the rooms are filled with bold bright accent colours and patterns to balance things out. Fabric is the best way to express yourself in this interior decor style, using unlikely colour combinations and different textures. Think about a velvet near to a silk satin for example with a luxurious fringe trim between. As colour is the anchor, choose three as the foundation of your decor and layer more shades through accessories such as cushions and throws. Be as generous as possible with colour and use plenty of jewel tones, moving right away from neutrals like beige and grey. You can be daring and bold with eye catching splashes of colour to some unexpected furniture.

Fill a wall with art

Fill a wall with art

A gallery wall is the perfect way to express your artistic side. Maybe you have a collection, or maybe this is something that will grow organically as you find treasures that you love and want to look at. Really the only rule here is to make sure the pieces are spaced uniformly, the works themselves can be different sizes, even a mix of frames, and the more styles the better.

Decorate your home with decor that you love

We love our homes more when we decorate with things that we love. They can be wonderful objects found on your travels or things found near to home. And lots of them because maximalism means more. To stop your home looking too random though find a few common colours and patterns. There is a fine line between your decor looking like a train crash and an opulent masterpiece.

Remember you can’t have too many books

Remember you can’t have too many books

Whether you have tall bookshelves filling tall walls or just stack them on side tables and coffee tables, books are a must have. Not only are they beautiful, but they are personal. They talk about who you are, what you like, your interests and taste. Who doesn’t love a coffee table book collection also, with wonderful covers and spines these add another layer of detail to your interior. 

Maximalism is all about comfort

The most glamorous and luxurious interiors combine glorious comfortable decor and colour. And what better way to add comfort than to decorate with colourful, delicious cushions in luxurious fabrics. 

Create the best home decor space with cheer and charm

Create the best home decor space with cheer and charm

This is the best interior design style if you love happy colours and patterns. These interiors are warm and inviting, often utilising warm tones and flowery patterns. This bohemian gorgeous excess is wonderful to immerse yourself in. Gloominess has no room here with the mix of vibrant colours and patterns.

Add vintage accents

Some retro interior decor styles, such as Victorian and Art Deco, were all about excess, so adding vintage pieces of furniture and accessories will help to create a wonderful aesthetic. This interior style is not about perfection either, whilst there should be some unifying colours and patterns, it is the imperfections that create the charm. The expensive and inexpensive, modern and antique can mingle happily side by side. The  use of pieces from varying time periods will ensure your look doesn’t date.  

Maximalist  home decor style Brisbane/home decor near me

Maximalist  home decor style Brisbanehome decor near me

Queenslander houses have their own distinctly versatile style and lend themselves easily to a classical, minimalist or maximalist interior decoration. Here in Brisbane, in suburbs like Paddington, Bardon, Ashgrove and Clayfield, the Queenslander was a popular building style from 1880 through until 1946. In the suburb of Paddington and surrounds, very near to My Little Opulence and Empire Revival, there are many fine examples to be found. 

Common design elements are things like VJ’s, vertical joint walls that can extend from floor to high ceilings. Ornate cornices, ceiling roses and arches, timber casement windows and French doors. These things add a timeless elegance and beauty that is non-existent in today’s lego block houses. These old interiors lend themselves perfectly to a maximalist aesthetic and provide a wonderful blank canvas upon which to start layering artworks, furniture, and of course colourful fabrics.