Home Decor: Tricks to Decorate your Home Like a Pro

Home is one of the biggest parts of a person’s life. Every human is emotionally connected to it. We all think of it as a place to live, relax, and have fun. That’s why home decor is really important, and I will teach you tricks to decorate your home like a pro. 

With a little bit of care and the right home decor items, you can really bring all the balance and calm look to your house. You can find quality products from our home decor stores. So, without wasting more time, let’s get to our main topic. 

Easy Home Decor Tips & Tricks:

In this article, I will be sharing with you some easy tips and tricks that will change the look of your house. Besides, these tricks will also help you make your dream home on a budget. 


Let’s start with cushions because they are the easiest and most affordable way of living room decor. There are many reasons to start with these. One of them is that you don’t have to buy new ones at every festival and season for changing the look. You just need new covers for meeting the requirements. Even more, you can constantly change the covers according to the season and festivals like you can put red ones for valentine’s day. 

Now let’s come to styling. While doing that, make sure to arrange cushions in threes. Cushions should be of different sizes and texture. That will really add a decent touch to the area. Even more, just karate chop in the middle for a designer look. You may find it hard to believe, but almost every interior designer does that for a better look. 

Perfect Styling for Home Decor: 

Perfect Styling for Home Decor

Here is another piece of advice for home interior design, Always style items in threes for a dynamic and complete look. Why not twos? Because placing two things together gives some sort of vague feeling. Styling in three completes the look. There is no such rule of sizes. However, try to put different sized items together. It will give a nice little designer touch to the room. 

Front Door and Entrance: 

Front Door and Entrance

Front doors are the first thing you see, and a first impression should be the best one. That’s why it is very important to colour it nice and simple. In my opinion, you should paint it a glossy hue. My favourites are red, violet, blue, and green. They kind of provide a welcome look to you and your guests. 

Your front entrance should also be warm and welcoming. In order to do that, stick with proper colour mixing and keep it decent. Don’t add unnecessary large wall mirror and other home decor items. It’ll look like space is filled up, and nobody likes that. Besides, it would be best to hang appropriate framed wall decor and other things along with warm lighting. That’ll complete the look. 

Wall Decor:

Wall Decor

Decorating a wall is very easy, simple, and one of the most crucial aspects of home decoration. There are various things to learn about this, but most important are how to hang wall art prints and what to hang? A very simple rule is to hang your framed wall art at average human eye height. That’s 56-58 inches. It will look neither floating nor drowning but just perfect. 

If you want to hang several wall art prints, then start from 57 inches and build around it. In this way, your wall will look great. Also, you will have the perfect house interior design. Keep in mind that 57 inches should be the middle of framed wall art, not the point where you put the nail. 

If you find your large wall mirror or framed wall art standing out and not looking perfect, then my advice is to bring it to eye level. That will make it look cohesive, and everything will come together as one piece.



Patterns are one of the most difficult to work with. They describe the style of a home. I don’t want to scare you, but patterns can really look messy if you are not careful with them. So read carefully before making a choice. 

While working with patterns, think about scale and type for better modern interior design. You must be thinking about scale. Here’s a tip for you. Put one large and two short-scale patterns. Do not use three overwhelming sizes. It will look incomplete and not good. Focus on one main pattern. Make it the highlight and mix in other small patterns. 

What types of patterns should be used? Think about the kinds of patterns while mixing in because it is really important. It would help if you were also careful about certain things like your patterns should not be fighting to dominate the look. They should be supporting each other to form a steady look. Make a perfect combination like geometric and floral with a solid. These patterns will look lovely. Ask an expert for little advice if you are having trouble with them. 

Balance and Symmetry for Home Decor: 

Balance and Symmetry for Home Decor

As mentioned earlier, home decor is really important for improving the lifestyle of everyone. One must decorate their home properly for attaining higher standards of living. In order to achieve that, your home must have a balanced look. The colours should not disturb the eyes’ focus, and things should not look incomplete, etc. 

For having a natural look, try to place those home decor items that allow your eyes to be calm and focus on the place as a whole rather than drawing attention to one small area. You should balance every direction of every single room of your home. Your sofa, cushions, framed wall art, lighting, plants, large wall mirrors, books, everything can be and must be balanced. 

On the other side, when furniture is placed on only one side of the room, it looks unbalanced and incomplete, which is considered a very bad thing. That’s why it is important to balance everything. 



We all have lots of home decor items of various sizes and scales in our home. Most people normally buy these based on their likes and dislikes. That’s good, but you should also consider another factor before paying, the size of different products.

So what sized items should you buy? The answer to this question is, “It Depends where you are going to place it”. You should not buy an item too big for a small space, nor should you purchase an item too small for a big place. To make your room look great, measure your space in mind, imagine how your selected product will look there, and then purchase the perfect home decor items. 



Colouring is also very important in modern interior design. It is also one of those factors which decide the look of your house. You can colour your home in a monochromatic way. In this manner, you will have different shades of colours in your place. Or you can do pops of colour with a neutral palette and bring in one pop of colour. And again, you can use different shades of that precise colour to get a beautiful layered look. 

You can also pick lots of colours and work off of complementary colours. You don’t necessarily have to think about bright and primary colours like red and green and blue and yellow. Think about the shades that come with those colours, so maybe you should choose navy and neutral. That will definitely go well. You can also ask for an exert’s advice about your favourite colours.  

Complete and Cohesive Home Decor: 

Complete and Cohesive Home Decor

In order to achieve a cohesive look for your home, you should work within the same colour palette. It won’t be very hard for you. Besides, we all know that colours tend to stimulate certain emotions. That’s why it is important to mix in the same colour palette. That will even out colour and style around your home. It will also balance out the entire look. 

The Final Advice: 

In this article, I have shared some of the great home interior design tricks that almost every interior designer uses. These tricks will help you create a perfect home for yourself. But it's not over yet. There’s still one last piece of advice to share, and that is to Stay within your Budget. Do not spend unnecessarily on your wall art paintings or other interior decoration items if you can’t. Don’t get stressed about it. Remember, home is a place to relax. Please don’t turn it into a headache. I wish you all the luck with your home decor.