Five ways to elevate your bedroom style with the best pillows

Nothing is better than seeing a plump and plush fully made bed looking ready to jump into! Styling pillows on a bed is an artform - like creating a bedscape. It’s time to move beyond white and beige in the bedroom and introduce some saucy colour and shape into the boudoir. The best way to introduce a new colour palette is with a selection of pillows from the My Little Opulence range. They are not exclusively for the lounge room after all. We are  not shy about the use of bright patterns and interesting shapes and these can be used to create a dramatic scenario. For example our Actress range of pillows would be one of the best ways to bring vibrance to your bedroom.

If you have a king sized  bed you will need three European pillows at the head of the bed to make it feel full. You don’t want large gaps in your pillow arrangement. This looks cheap, and nobody likes cheap! It’s a minimum of six pillows kind of scenario for king, queen and double beds. A row of European size at the very head, followed by sleeping pillows, one or two each, followed by 4 smaller squares or a few oblongs (2 or three depending on the bed size) displayed in front of the standard bed pillows. The more packed in, the more sumptuous the feel.

You can also go for a more maximal bohemian look in the bedroom, grouping some squares, some oblongs and some rounds. This will give the room a more relaxed and cosy but not stuffy feel. Certainly more inviting. You can even run a throw across the base of the bed. The tassels put the final touch on the opulent boho look. Chucking it on the end of the bed in an ‘unintentional’ fashion looks better.

Arranging sleeping and decorative pillows is something you can have a lot of fun with and express yourself. Remember, this is a sleeping room and you want to achieve a serene, relaxed glamour. Pillows are like art for your bed, they can make a room dance.

Bed Decoration Basics


The best thing about bed pillow arrangement is that there is no wrong way to do it, but there are some basic methods that you can build on.

Things to keep in mind :

A headboard that is 2 feet high or more lends itself well to a robust collection with multiple pillows propped up for maximal decorative effect.

With no headboard you may wish to considera more basic arrangement of stacked pillows.

Beds with an open frame metal headboard look best with a smaller number of pillows that don’t obscure the framework.

Generally beds with big, uniformly shaped headboards offer the most scope when it comes to decorating with throw pillows. Bed covers are easily changed every time you launder so the opportunity to vary your look here is numerous. Pillows that have different fabric on the reverse make them versatile. Also all of our pillow covers are removable via the invisible zip so covers can be carefully taken off and changed.